2019 Member Meeting Dates

Friends of Rio Nido meet on the 3rd Sunday of each odd month throughout the year at locations in Rio Nido (weather permitting). The meetings have a standing agenda, consisting of announcements and guest speakers, followed by reports from the four committees.

  • Sunday January 20, 11am-noon
  • Sunday March 17, 11am-noon ~ announce upcoming open Board positions
  • Sunday May 19, 11am-noon ~ Meet the Board Candidates
  • Sunday June 16, 11am-noon ~ FRN Board Election Day!
  • Sunday July 21, 11am-noon
  • Sunday September 15, 11am-noon
  • Sunday November 18, 11am-noon

2018 Member Meeting Dates

New! Member Meeting Schedule format = FRN will now meet at 11:00 am
EVERY OTHER 3rd SUNDAY (odd months) throughout the year at various locations in Rio Nido. The meetings have a standing agenda, consisting of announcements and guest speakers, followed by reports from the four committees.

    • Sunday January 21, 11am-noon
    • Sunday March 18, 11am-noon ~ announce upcoming open Board positions
    • Sunday May 20, 11am-noon ~ Meet the Board Candidates
    • Sunday June 17, 11am-noon ~ FRN Board Election Day!
    • Sunday July 22, 11am-noon
    • Sunday September 16, 11am-noon
    • Sunday November 18, 11am-noon

Show your support for the Rio Nido Community Post Office

Most importantly, click to fill out USPS Form 4027 “Petition for Change in Rural Delivery”

We suggest that once you’ve filled out the form, take it to Joe Mills at the Guerneville Post Office and explain that you would like to petition for delivery of mail to your house (just as the rest of Guerneville has). Or you can email your form to frnboard@rionido.net and we will make sure it gets delivered.


  • you only need to fill out one row on page 1 (i.e. ignore page 2);
  • in the “Distance From Nearest” column, the column “Post Office” applies to mail for Rio Nidans (the distance is how far it is from your house to the Guerneville Post Office)
  • in the “TO” field at the top, reflect USPS Postmaster Joe Mills, and the Guerneville Post Office address (14060 Mill Street, Guerneville, 95446)
  • the Guerneville Post Office would also apply to the “Office Through Which Service is Now Received” field

HERE IS THE LINK to the Postal Regulatory Commission website, where you may view the filing of our Appeal A2017-2 to stop the closure of the RN Community Post Office. 

SUBSCRIBE FOR ALERTS by entering your email address in the upper right-hand corner.

Board Directors of both RNHOA and FRN continue to receive the support of County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins, Congressman Jared Huffman and private attorney counsel.

You can support the effort by joining our online petition at www.change.org

There are many social media sites where you can share your support, and if you have ideas or suggestions, you are welcome to email frnboard@rionido.net

  • Don’t hesitate to pickup your mail regularly at the
  • Guerneville post office
  • (so that the added burden of our PO boxes is accurately felt).
  • Protest at the Guerneville Post Office often!  
  • Anytime works, though you may reach the
  • greatest numbers during lunchtime and just before closing,
  • when there is the most traffic.

The Sign is Here–Join us Sat at 1pm


HUGE thanks to all of our generous donators for helping us get across the goal line! We could never have done it without the three grants provided by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors through the Advertising Program.

A special thanks to all our donors!

Another round of thanks to the folks who stored the sign for us all these years… Larry and Elena most recently (for a year or more, whilst we sorted out funding, grant applications, and various committee processes). And even more unbelievably, for more than twenty years Vicki and Jim Cronander stored the sign in their little wooden shed, waiting for the right opportunity to have it return to use in
our community.

The sign is installed and we’re having a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday, April 18th at 1pm at the site where the new sign will be installed (along River Road, between Canyon 7 and Rio Nido Roads). Join if you can!



You can donate to the FRN general fund by clicking on the “donate” button below or sending a check to FRN at PO Box 184 in Rio Nido.

(Video by John Uniack and photos by Elena Chronis and M Henon)

Tracking Fundraising for the Historic Rio Nido Sign–Any donation counts!

(modified photo - RN sign in its future home)

(modified photo – RN sign in its future home)

The community of Rio Nido and FRN have a fundraising task in front of us to close the gap between the generous grants we received from the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, and our total sign costs.

Some excellent progress has been made on fundraising, and some updates on the not-yet-quoted costs that were anticipated to be $2,000 or more…

As of our previous email from December 21st, we had received $655 in donations, and needed more than $4,200 in donations. Since that time:

  • The official estimate for the lane closure has come in at an affordable $400, thanks to the generosity of the owner of Von Renner, Jeff.  (We had been warned by others to  anticipate possibly more than $2k for these costs!)  A huge thanks to Von Renner!
  • The estimates we have for the re-installation of the sign (on a pole, in concrete, big trucks and augers involved) put us at $4,275.47 over our remaining grant funds.
  • Additionally, there are two more estimates pending (one for lane closure, the other from the refurbisher for storage fees given the extensive time it took us to obtain the County permit) which could total another couple of thousand dollars.

We have received a strong showing of support already in donations for the sign.  Given the latest details on our total costs, we have already achieved 24% of our fundraising goal!  HUGE thanks to our generous donators.

We need some additional assistance to fund the final phases of this project — even just $10 or $20 each counts towards the goal. Here’s an updated chart with more details on what is included (since this project involves quite a lot more than many not on the Sign Committee would expect):



  • $50 or more, you’ll get an FRN patch,
  • $100 or more, you’ll get a women’s or men’s FRN t-shirt,
  • $250 or more, you get both, and we will thank you publicly at the dedication ceremony and in associated announcements!

Feel free to email us with questions, or you can donate by clicking on the “donate” button below, going to our RN sign website, or sending a check to FRN at PO Box 184 in Rio Nido.

FRN is a 501c3  so your donation is tax deductible.
Please help us track your donation properly by mentioning “Rio Nido Sign” either on your check, or on paypal, in the link for “Special instructions to the seller“.
Finally, another shout out to our sign refurbisher, Dick, from Econoline Signs, who made a generous donation by way of reducing the prices for his professional services (i.e. an in-kind donation).
sign line drawing

Water District Construction Wrapping Up; Roads Next

Many of you have experienced the ripped-up roads, detours, and torn-up dirt for the past few weeks–the visible evidence of water-line reconstruction to replace aging galvanized pipes with modern PVC. Sweetwater Springs Water District has told the Friends of Rio Nido that the water-line construction is finished; a second phase–of road reconstruction–will commence as weather (both rain and temperature) allows.  This second phase will involve some re-paving, finishing the edges of the roadway, lifting the meter-boxes to the new grade of the road, and grinding out some of the fractured “puzzle-pieces” of road. Rio Nido residents of Canyon 7 and Paradise Lane, now have new C900 PVC water lines–both the main line and the service lines, the district told us.

There is another water-line project planned for Canyon 1; however, this will not take place for a few years at a time to be determined in the future.



FRN Update

FRN (Friends of Rio Nido) did some hedge clearing along the roadways on Sep 8th.  We appreciate the volunteers who helped, and anyone who chips in to take care of brush along roads near your home!   We also cleaned the fountain and planters along Canyon 2 and 7, and trimmed the bushes in that area.  We have plans to paint the planters, clean the road signs, and other beautification efforts.  We’re also in discussions with the County on the crosswalk and radar speed signs, and even sat in on meetings regarding signage (since we’re still interested in getting a historic Rio Nido sign refurbished and mounted) and bike paths (since there was some interest in improving the bike path to Guerneville).  Let us know your interest or join FRN!  Email us at frn@rionido.net, leave a message at (707)200-FRN1, or join us at our next member meeting on Sat., Sep 29th from 11am to noon at the RNHOA picnic tables.

Help Pegasus Theater

Pegasus theater needs to raise $4,000 within the next month to avoid closing their doors. Due to a set of unfortunate circumstances, they’re having to cancel this month’s production “Murder for Marriage.”

Donate by sending a check made out to: Pegasus Theater, P.O. Box 2814, Guerneville, CA 95446.

For more information on Pegasus theater’s financial crisis, read their website.