Noise Issues?

Noise travels easily in our canyon environment. And we live in an environment that demands regular maintenance, so chainsaws, leaf blowers, construction and other related noises are going to occur. But what are your alternatives if you are experiencing a persistent excessive noise issue that you would like to see addressed?

• Have you spoken with your neighbor to see if there is some way to alleviate the problem? They may not be aware of the issue, or may not realize it’s impact on you.
• You can also contact the Sonoma County Sheriff Department at (707) 565-2121. The Sheriff Department offers a pamphlet Noise regarding how to address Noise problems.
• You could also contact your Supervisor’s office to request that more attention be directed at finding workable solutions to this problem.

Though it’s true that The County of Sonoma does not yet have a Noise Ordinance for unincorporated lands, the following may be useful: (1) the Board of Supervisors passed a Noise Element (posted at which outlines acceptable noise levels in unincorporated County lands, and in Section 3, is undertaking specific policies to address noise levels in excess of these, and (2) there are California Civil and Penal Codes that address Nuisance issues (Civil Code 3479, 3480, and 3481, Penal Code 415, among others). If your noise problem continues unabated and you decide to pursue legal assistance, remember to document the particulars of specific noise events, over time.

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