Report Criminal Activity or Problems Promptly

We encourage you to keep our community safe; report suspected criminal activity promptly.

Deputy sheriff Peter Quartarolo is based at the Sonoma County Sheriff’s River Sub-station in Guerneville. He’s assigned to Rio Nido, and will be making regular visits, as well. His contact information is below. If any issues arise please e-mail him at Peter.Quartarolo(at) or call Dispatch at 707-565-2121 or the River sub-station at 707-869-0202.

A big caveat is, do not wait until the deputy is on duty to report things: use the dispatch or sub-station numbers. You may also make an anonymous report.

Thanks for helping to keep Rio Nido safe and secure!


FRN Beautification Committee Meets Jan. 25

Beautify it!

If you like seeing how our hamlet is looking better and better, and would like to contribute, please join the Friends of Rio Nido Beautification Committee to discuss and plan the future. The committee will meet at a local residence, Thursday, Jan. 25 in the evening. The committee has done an inspiring job cleaning up the fountain, and painting the Canyon 2 Rd. planters, and much more. See what committee chair Jennifer Ostrom has in store for the neighborhood. If you’d like to join the committee, contact Jennifer at jennifer(at)