Notes from the June 26 Meeting with PG&E

  1. PG&E owns street lights in Rio Nido, but generally not between Rio Nido and Guerneville (those are owned by the County).
  2. If we have issues/concerns about how PG&E contractors  perform, PG&E wants to hear about it.  It’s best if we log our concern through their web form online (per our resources sheet) or at their 800 number (1-800-PGE-5000) so it gets tracked and properly addressed or you can pass along your concerns to the FRN board for help.
  3. Tree wire is a double-edged sword.  It is more resistant to being broken by a tree, but when a tree limb drags it down and it’s still live (because it hasn’t been broken, and hasn’t blown a fuse like the normal “barrel wire” will do, which de-energizes the line).  So our tree wire electrical lines are more dangerous to an unsuspecting pedestrian!
  4. PG&E has a goal to fix street lights within 5 calendar days of getting notified about it, so they want to hear if we’re seeing delays past this.
  5. PG&E will be coming through starting in July to re-frame the poles, and pull in bigger wire. This should help with outages.
  6. Our outage percentages in this area are considered quite low (15% outages during a storm). Some discussion on the outage frequency having improved, but the duration is still a problem.
  7. PG&E is reviewing the costs and possibility of bringing natural gas out here.  The updated review should be done by the end of August. The last one in 2003 proved to be too expensive to justify.
  8. Some discussion on what circuits exist to feed RN (two or three primary circuits)
  9. PG&E showed us which pole tags are theirs (the vertical metal one with a bar code at the bottom, if it’s been updated).  If there are multiple numbers on a pole, we should be reporting the number that’s lowest on the pole (ignoring the circular one that’s nailed into the pole), since this is the number for both the pole and the street light.  (Other numbers above it are for other things on the pole, like a switch, or phone line.)
  10. We need to be reminded that we live in the trees so we’re going to inevitably see more issues with outages than those who do not.

The 2014 FRN Calendar

(Updated May 23 the July, August, and September dates)

Here they are — our 2014 FRN Member meeting dates.  Mark your calendars!  Locations for the meetings after January are TBD, so look for later announcements to provide those details.

Here’s when we will have the FRN Member meetings

  • January 25th, 11am-noon, at the Rio Nido Lodge
  • April 5th, 11am-noon
  • May 17th, 11am-noon
  • July 5th, 11am-noon (FRN Board election day!)
  • August 16th, 11am-noon
  • September 27th, 11am-noon
  • November 8th, 11am-noon

Noise Issues?

Noise travels easily in our canyon environment. And we live in an environment that demands regular maintenance, so chainsaws, leaf blowers, construction and other related noises are going to occur. But what are your alternatives if you are experiencing a persistent excessive noise issue that you would like to see addressed?

• Have you spoken with your neighbor to see if there is some way to alleviate the problem? They may not be aware of the issue, or may not realize it’s impact on you.
• You can also contact the Sonoma County Sheriff Department at (707) 565-2121. The Sheriff Department offers a pamphlet Noise regarding how to address Noise problems.
• You could also contact your Supervisor’s office to request that more attention be directed at finding workable solutions to this problem.

Though it’s true that The County of Sonoma does not yet have a Noise Ordinance for unincorporated lands, the following may be useful: (1) the Board of Supervisors passed a Noise Element (posted at which outlines acceptable noise levels in unincorporated County lands, and in Section 3, is undertaking specific policies to address noise levels in excess of these, and (2) there are California Civil and Penal Codes that address Nuisance issues (Civil Code 3479, 3480, and 3481, Penal Code 415, among others). If your noise problem continues unabated and you decide to pursue legal assistance, remember to document the particulars of specific noise events, over time.

FRN Board Election Call for Candidates

A three member, independent FRN Election Committee has been established to oversee the FRN Board election on June 14th, 2014. All correspondence regarding the election process, while sent via the FRN email template for consistency, is generated from the Election Committee and is independent of the sitting FRN Board. The first step in the election process starts today!

There will be three FRN Board seats available. The three candidates with the highest vote counts will be elected to the FRN Board and will serve two year terms.

Interested voting Members are invited to fill out and submit their candidate application form to: FRN Election Committee, PO Box 184, Rio Nido, CA 95471. The candidate filing period is open from April 25th to May 9th. After the close of the filing period, candidate applications will be available for review on the FRN website. The Membership will have an opportunity to meet the candidates before the start of the FRN Member Meeting on May 17th, 2014.

Election ballots and voting instructions will be sent via this email distribution list no later than May 20th, 2014. All ballots must be received by the FRN Election Committee no later than June 13th, 2014. They will be counted at the June 14th FRN Member and Election Meeting. No ballots will be accepted at the election meeting.

For questions or additional information, please contact FRN Committee Chair Ingrid.

Thank you for your participation,

The FRN Election Committee

FRN T-shirts and Patches!

We’ve got plenty of T-shirts in stock that sport the Friends of Rio Nido Logo in sizes for men, women, and kids. And we have FRN Patches too. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these items, just send us an email at frn (at) and we’ll follow up. The prices are as follows:

  • Adult T-shirts $20.00
  • Kids T-shirts $15.00
  • Patches $5.00
Women's FRN Shirt

Women’s FRN Shirt

Men's FRN Shirt

Men’s FRN Shirt

FRN Patch

FRN Patch

Propane Deal

If you are an FRN member, you can get a reduced rate with McPhail! It was $2.28/gallon in early September. Available to new or existing McPhail customers. McPhail helps with the tank changeover (including the propane leftover in your old tank). Email us at fen (at) to get additional info.

If you are interested, make sure you contact an FRN Board member, email us at the above, or leave a message at 707- 200-FRN1 so that we can make sure you are on the official FRN-McPhail list.

* FRN membership requires no membership dues, you just need to live in, or own property or a business in Rio Nido

FRN Flea Market Table Rakes In $200 Bucks for Org

One person’s trash became Friends of Rio Nido’s treasure, at the Rio Nido Homeowners Association Flea Market in late June. It brought in a nice chunk of change to fund our efforts . Thanks to all the volunteers, and to the RNHOA for hosting it, once again.  Many shoppers and volunteers brought their plates over from the pancake breakfast, and munched on delicious food while chatting about the interesting items for sale. Thanks again!

Framed items were among the sellers at FRN's flea market space in June.

Framed items were among the sellers at FRN’s flea market space

CLEANING UP: FRN 6/13 Clean-Up is Huge Success–More Resource Info Available

The Friends of Rio Nido Clean-up last month, was a resounding success, with many loads of trash and recyclables disposed of in a safe and efficient manner; thanks to North Bay/Ratto Group and the Rio Nido Homeowners Association for their help and cooperation. FRN board member and treasurer Jennifer Ostrom took the lead in helming this extraordinary effort.

But wait, there’s more…for more information about community resources to help you clean-up your property or for questions about where you can find help in our beautiful, wooded hamlet, see the resource sheet we’ve created especially for you.

FRN Member Meeting, Saturday, Feb. 16, 11 AM, at the Lodge

Friends of Rio Nido’s first member meeting of 2013 promises to be a good one: the theme addresses illegal drug activity, in particular methamphetamine, in our hamlet. Speaking about this with members will be Fifth District Sonoma County Supervisor Efren Carillo, District Attorney Jill Ravitch, Sheriff’s Office representative Capt. Rob Giordano, and Sonoma County Director of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Mike Kennedy. The meeting will be held at the soon-to-open Moon River Marketplace, 4444 Wood Rd., in the historic, and newly-restored, Rio Nido Lodge. Please contact, with any questions.

Report Criminal Activity or Problems Promptly

We encourage you to keep our community safe; report suspected criminal activity promptly.

Deputy sheriff Peter Quartarolo is based at the Sonoma County Sheriff’s River Sub-station in Guerneville. He’s assigned to Rio Nido, and will be making regular visits, as well. His contact information is below. If any issues arise please e-mail him at Peter.Quartarolo(at) or call Dispatch at 707-565-2121 or the River sub-station at 707-869-0202.

A big caveat is, do not wait until the deputy is on duty to report things: use the dispatch or sub-station numbers. You may also make an anonymous report.

Thanks for helping to keep Rio Nido safe and secure!